It is a common thing to hear about parquet blocks being classified as a type of flooring in the terminology, however, it's not completely right to refer to it that way. If we look at the meaning of flooring, parquet is not a material such as solid wood, laminate or engineered wood but more like a design and style of mosaic patterns, used in the flooring installations. In fact, it can be made from hardwood and engineered wood and no matter what the material of choice is parquet comes in small blocks, which are fitted in the desired pattern. Patterns may vary and most commonly you will meet angular and square ones such as herringbone, chevron, basket weave or chequerboard.

We Supply & Fit Parquet Blocks

Our range of oak parquet flooring includes various sizes and grades. We do 70x230 mm, 70x280 mm and 70x350 mm blocks in 20 mm thickness. All our blocks are available in prime, natural and rustic grades. Occasionally our mill will run offers on extra rustic blocks, which goes with our best budget parquet fitting. We supply and do the installation of engineered parquet blocks as well, which is ideal for floors with underfloor heating and comes prefinished in various shades like maple, beech, walnut and others.

As you may guess, working with parquet floor can easily be ranked as the most difficult installation type that requires planning, taking careful measurements, utmost attention to detail and the perfect cut you can get only from well-trained experts with a long experience in wood floor fitting and finishing. Yes, parquetry is something completely different, bold and eye-catching and especially added to the variety of unique wood species, it is your guarantee for one of a kind flooring, so if you desire to have one in your house or office, our fitters can help you in London area.

As most of the beautiful and elegant things, parquetry’s origin is from France, where during the 17th century the very hard to maintain marble floors were replaced with this innovative and even more attractive installation methodology. From that day on this flooring is a sign of style, elegance and creativity, until recently accessible only to the rich. The last century industrial boom brings parquetry in the ordinary people homes while Art Nouveau profess the philosophy of the access of the commonage to the treats of the rich. Enough history lectures, let’s talk a bit more about parquet flooring.

What is Included in Our Service

Let's start with our FREE advice on parquet blocks options and all required for the fitting. This flooring requires a smooth subfloor level and we will take care of the subfloor preparation if that is required for your timber or concrete subfloors. As we already said, parquet floors could be solid or engineered wooden blocks. The choice is completely yours, however, our flooring experts will suggest the best choice for your project prior to parquet fitting, part of our free quotes and service in London.

The laying method varies depending on the material, the subfloor level, the environment and the moisture level. There are a few simple rules which guarantee the success of the flooring project. Accurate measurements and planning are required for making sure patterns run parallel to walls and most of all the right approach to sanding and finishing. After the installation, your floors will be sanded and gap filled for a perfectly smooth finish and your choice of finish will be applied to protect them. Parquet flooring and chevrons can be stained to colour and sealed with lacquer or oil-based finish. Speak to our experts for advice on the benefits and disadvantages.