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Parquet Floor Fitting Gallery

Parquet flooring is the only type of wood flooring which comes in such a variety of wood species, colors and textures fitted in amazing mosaic, angular and curvy patterns and designs. With such a rich palette of possibilities it can be really hard to choose the one option, which will match your style the best. Talking of the visual part of the project, the main things you have to consider is what type of wood specie do you prefer your parquet blocks to be cut from (since parquet blocks can be cut from solid wood timbers and engineered wood material also), the preferred color and shade of the wood (although the color can be changed through floor staining) and, of course, the pattern you want the blocks to be fitted in. Herringbone, chevron, basket wave and many more, your only task is to choose your favorite and our experts will handle everything else.

Meanwhile, we decided to share with you one of the most statement and recognizable projects in our praxis in this gallery. Keep in mind, it is almost impossible to build two identical parquet floors even if working with the same materials and patterns. In this comes the uniqueness of this type of flooring. However, you can always take some ideas and inspiration and this is the reason we welcome you in our portfolio section!