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Parquet Floor Fitting Services in London

Parquet flooring comes in a variety of patterns, installations styles, colours, wood species, etc. and have the fame of not so easy to install for a reason. Not a lot of flooring technicians are able to find the perfect balance between quality, beautiful outlook and durability and longevity of the construction. Parquetry requires a lot of attention and skills to be fitted the way it will bring not only visual pleasure but also will last for decades. And exactly that is what we at Parquet Floor Fitters offer to our London domestic and commercial clients.

The quality of the wooden flooring depends not only on the quality of the wooden material used, although this is also a really essential component. Parquetry is cut in small wooden blocks from solid wood timber or engineered wood material and is fitted usually directly on the subfloor with a specially designed wood adhesive, which guarantees long-lasting power and solidness. However, you are going to need skilled and experienced parquet floor fitting experts not only in order to get the perfect parquetry pattern fitted the right way but also because the wooden material usually has a character, sensitive to the environment, high traffic, temperature amplitudes and the overall environment. Paying attention to details and not skipping any important and necessary for the process step is what we guarantee for our parquet floor fitting projects, providing the proper prior preparation of the subfloor, moisture, evenness and cleanness test, working precise, detailed and well-organised.

As you may already notice, parquetry installation is not your usual DIY job and needs knowledge and adequate reaction to any possible challenge popping out during the whole process. When it comes to commercial projects, the whole process appears to be more challenging. We at Parquet Floor Fitters also specialise in working for commercial clients with limited time and budget. One of the most statement parquet wooden floors in London’s schools, offices, restaurants, clubs, retail and showrooms are our work. Having a wide loyal community network in London area is what we are proud of because making so many clients around satisfied means we not only sell skills and create amazing parquet floorings but also having an individual approach to everyone and also respect to their demands, ideas and desires.

Parquet Floor Fitting

Quality parquet floor installation | Parquet Floor Fitters

Parquetry is a wood floor installation where small wooden blocks are fitted in various beautiful and stylish compositions and patterns. It comes in a variety of styles and combines timber species - from hardwood to engineered wood, from oak, maple and pine to mahogany and more exotic types. Parquet floor installing can’t be a DIY project and it is better done by the professionals, so give us a call for your next London parquet floor fitting project. For great results, you will need our surveyor's eye for detail, possibly subfloor preparation and our crafty hands for laying and finishing it.

Commercial Parquet Floor Fitting

Expert commercial parquet flooring | Parquet Floor Fitters

Commercial parquet floor fitting is even more laborious than the domestic parquetry installation process. The demands of every parquetry installations require perfect prior preparation of the subfloor, moisture and evenness test, proper cut for every wooden block and skills to achieve these amazing patterns. In addition, when planning a commercial project we recognise the needs of the busy schedule of our clients in London and try to provide the best results and a completely successful project, working with limited time and budget.

Office Parquet Floor Fitting

Professional office parquet floor fitting | Parquet Floor Fitters

Parquetry is an amazing example of floor installation, being a sign of elegance, professionalism, even luxury. It is a powerful message you can address to your clients, ensuring them in your competence working style and creating positive first impressions, which will make people recommend you to your clients. Well, everything would be perfect if parquetry was easy to install, in fact, it is not. The smartest choice is to hire experienced technics, but this is not also the easiest task. You have to prior research them because you need not only skills and knowledge, but also someone with that inner sense for the best office parquet floor fitting in London.

Restaurant Parquet Flooring

Skilled restaurant parquet flooring | Parquet Floor Fitters

Parquetry is not the most popular type of wooden flooring mainly because people find its installation way too expensive. In fact, it may come with higher prices but it totally pays off with stylish appearance, longevity and originality. Here are some good news for all the restaurant owners in London, who desire parquetry, but have only limited time and budget – we can help you to have what you want at a wonderful price and with timely service. Our restaurant parquet floor fitting team is also well-trained and organised and can make wonders from the wooden blocks!

Retail Parquet Flooring

Specialist retail & showroom parquet floor fitting | Parquet Floor Fitters

We are on the market for years and already have seen the effect every our retail and showroom parquet floor fitting has. Parquetry installations come with the durability and longevity of the wooden materials and in addition, they add style, attractiveness and uniqueness to every room. Well, in fact, this is not that easy to be laid and if you are planning a project in London, you better hire experts. Our technicians have the skills and experience to create long-lasting and solid parquet flooring and also that inner creativity to create one of a kind style.

Clubs & Bars Parquet Flooring

Best clubs & bars parquet flooring | Parquet Floor Fitters

Parquetry is not the most common thing you will meet in entertainment centres in London. Although that type of construction is not preferred because it is not that easy to install, maintenance and tend to be more expensive, it can bring one of a kind style to your club or bar and make you stand out from the crowd, adding a professional and elegant vibe. It has a lot of benefits and our clubs and bars parquet floor fitting in London is specially designed to boost them and to provide timely, affordable and high-quality service for our commercial clients!

School Parquet Floor Fitting

Affordable school parquet floor fitting | Parquet Floor Fitters

School parquet floor fitting must be timely, affordable and professionally done and this is the way we at Parquet Floor Fitters recognize the needs of the busy schedule project in London. We are experienced and knowledgeable, which allows us to provide excellent floor fitting service even with parquetry, which has the fame of one of the most laborious installations. Our experts have the skills and tools to create not only amazing looking patterns and designs, but also durable, sturdy and long-lasting construction.