Parquet flooring comes in a variety of patterns, installations styles, colours, wood species, etc. and have the fame of not so easy to install for a reason. Not a lot of flooring technicians are able to find the perfect balance between quality, beautiful outlook and durability and longevity of the construction. Parquetry requires a lot of attention and skills to be fitted the way it will bring not only visual pleasure but also will last for decades. And exactly that is what we at Parquet Floor Fitters offer to our London domestic and commercial clients.

The quality of the wooden flooring depends not only on the quality of the wooden material used, although this is also a really essential component. Parquetry is cut in small wooden blocks from solid wood timber or engineered wood material and is fitted usually directly on the subfloor with a specially designed wood adhesive, which guarantees long-lasting power and solidness. However, you are going to need skilled and experienced parquet floor fitting experts not only in order to get the perfect parquetry pattern fitted the right way but also because the wooden material usually has a character, sensitive to the environment, high traffic, temperature amplitudes and the overall environment. Paying attention to details and not skipping any important and necessary for the process step is what we guarantee for our parquet floor fitting projects, providing the proper prior preparation of the subfloor, moisture, evenness and cleanness test, working precise, detailed and well-organised.

As you may already notice, parquetry installation is not your usual DIY job and needs knowledge and adequate reaction to any possible challenge popping out during the whole process. When it comes to commercial projects, the whole process appears to be more challenging. We at Parquet Floor Fitters also specialise in working for commercial clients with limited time and budget. One of the most statement parquet wooden floors in London’s schools, offices, restaurants, clubs, retail and showrooms are our work. Having a wide loyal community network in London area is what we are proud of because making so many clients around satisfied means we not only sell skills and create amazing parquet floorings but also having an individual approach to everyone and also respect to their demands, ideas and desires.