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Are wood floor patterns in? | Parquet Floor Fitters

With the end of 2015 on the corner, it is about time to take a look and make a short retrospection on which are the main wood flooring trends of the year and are they continuing to win over our heart in 2016. If you have lived under a rock for the past few years, then you probably don’t know that patterned and parquet wood floors are coming back with full force and everyone is in love with them. Of course, we all love parquet floors, because they allow us the freedom to customise them completely, set our imagination and ideas free and be proud owner of a unique and completely one-of-a-kind flooring at home, or at the office. In addition, no matter how a parquet floor is customised, it will always remain a parquet floor which made it a real classic.

If you are leaving with the minimalist look for quite some time, then we have some amazing news for you because patterns are definitely back and they make our life more colourful and interesting. Patterned floors are definitely more fun, attractive and eye-catching and they can add a unique twist to any space and any interior design. Unlike any other option, patterned wood floors, also known as parquetry, are a highly durable and solid option that is very easy to maintain and keep in flawless look and condition for such a long time. Parquetry is definitely a wise investment that you are going to enjoy for at least a few decades. In addition, parquetry is classic and elegant and because of that, it is a conscious choice that is not affected by current trends.

If you try to add a bit extra to your house and workplace and want your interior design a bit more exciting and fun if coloured accent walls and decorations working as a pop of colour around the room are just not enough for your inner colour-wheel diva, then patterned wood floors are your best solution! This is a great option for all those of you that are brave and bold enough to play around with colours, textures and patterns!

For the last few years designed trends are favouring highly personalised spaces with their own character. So what better way to add a signature style to any room than using patterned floors and parquetry to play around with?! There are no specific rules about what wood floor pattern to choose and there are degrees of boldness if you don’t feel very comfortable with all those patterns and colours mixed and matched, so you can always go for something more settle.

Patterned floors can be achieved both by purchasing a new floor, or remodelling your already existing one that needs updating. For example, if your parquetry needs a bit of inspiration and update, you can go for painting and playing around with colours and textures directly on the floor. A great option for you not only because it is cost-effective and challenges your inner creativity, but also because you can achieve your own very unique and eye-catching project!

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