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Planning a floor remodeling is really exciting, but you can easily lose your initial enthusiasm when you meet complex flooring terminology and confusing facts. This is the reason Parquet Floor Fitters has designed a special blog section, where you can find information and get flooring advice from our experts whenever you feel like you want to know more about floor refinishing, fitting and maintenance. Following the high standards of our branch, latest trends and using comprehensible and customer friendly directions, we can improve your floor maintenance know-how, help you with useful tips and opinions.

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Lime washing can add a lot of character and distinctive appearance to your wooden flooring and is a perfect treatment if you want to compliment the light, airy and neutral palette of the interior design of your property.

The variety and diversity of different wooden floors are really fascinating and can be a bit overwhelming too. We are not talking about appearance and style only, we are talking about functionality and resistance to the specific indoor environment in each room.

It is easy to see why herringbone pattern for your wood flooring has been favoured for so many decades and by so many people. Unique, stylish and elegant, there is almost impossible to find two herringbone oak wood floors that look exactly the same.

This pattern is definitely worth checking out and considering, because it looks not only different and unique, but also very luxurious and easy to match with a lot of styles and interior designs.

Although we believe that each wooden floor has its own and unique beauty and character, there are some wooden floors that are very, very attractive and draw all the attention.

Back in the days parquet was a luxury that is available only for the wealthy ones and royalties in France. The pricing might be different today, but parquet hasn’t lost not a single drop of its royal and luxurious beauty and all-time favorite appearance.

Why not consider this dark and stylish beauty that is also very durable, long-lasting and hard-wearing? Have a look at walnut’s advantages we share in this article!

Wood floor patterns are not everyone’s cup of tea, although they are very popular and win over the hearts of more and more people around the world. Eye-catching and attractive, they can be the dramatic and decorative focal point of the room.

When it comes to wood flooring, we tend to associate it a lot with old-world charm and sustainable designs and styles, but this is really not the case. Have a look at the current parquetry trends and how they can fit your interior design.

Parquet and patterned wood floors are extremely trendy right now! There are no rules with wood floor patterns and you can challenge your inner creativity to the max, or experiment with something more settle and classic.

Choosing the right wood flooring colour is very important for bringing the right atmosphere to the room. Many people think functionality first when purchasing wood flooring, be sure to choose a colour for inviting a suitable vibe to your home.

With so much choice on the market today, it is overwhelming and stressful to choose the right wood flooring for your requirements. Choosing a beech wood flooring means you invest in durability, longevity, easy maintenance and amazing look.

Basketweave parquet pattern, despite the higher price, is a very preferred option nowadays. However, before going to shop for this unique and beautiful type of wood flooring, you have to consider some expert recommendations.

The type of wood flooring, finish and color chosen are always a matter of personal preferences, however it is a good idea to keep in mind the recommendations of the experts, depending on your property and environment for perfect and long-lasting results. Both prefinished and unfinished floors have their benefits, our experts share them with you.

Waxing as a finishing method is not that preferred, because wax has the reputation of not that easy to apply and look after. However, following the instructions and recommendations of the experts is your guarantee for timely application and perfect results.

One of the most common parquet flooring issues are scratches, gaps and loose planks. Although you may think it is hard to find a solution for the above listed problems, some of them can be solved as a DIY project really easy, however, some of them require hiring an experienced technicians.

Parquetry may seem too old-fashioned and pretentious to some of us and because of the complex patterns and dark colors it really can be too much for small spaces, reducing their dimensions even more. However, parquetry is great for your spacious hallways, making amazing first impressions to your visitors and experiencing the daily use and high traffic really well.

Fishbone is one of the post popular parquetry patterns, commonly found in a lot of homes and commercial buildings. Although the long list of benefits, parquetry is not that easy to be installed, block by block fitted, so here is a great option to save you time and energy – engineered wood fishbone parquet flooring.

Parquet is the undisputed wood flooring winner. It originates from Versailles and since then is a symbol of beauty and elegance. It can also be cut from hardwood or engineered wood and is super durable and solid. Finally, for all the housewives interested in – parquet is really easy to maintain!

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