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Wood species floor options | Parquet Floor Fitters

Today’s wood flooring market offers an amazing variety of options and that could be sometimes overwhelming and stress for the client. What to choose and why to choose it? There is not a simple and short answer to this question. In general, choosing one wood flooring option over another is a matter of personal preferences and what is the most suiting alternative for your project, the characteristics of the place, where the floor will be installed and the environmental specifics such as humidity, moisture and temperature and the right choice is determined by a long list of considerations you have to make before initiating a wood floor installation. The flooring specialists will usually suggest and recommend to you the best choice after they examine and inspect your project and discuss with you your desires and requirements. But before that, we feel it is very important to back to the basics and have a look of the genuine wooden flooring idea – the wood species used. After you learn more about the wood species themselves, you are most probably going to be able to make a better decision by yourself.

  • African Teak – also known as Iroko wood. As the name suggests, this wood origins from Africa and is a popular material for iroko decking. Highly durable and solid wood option.
  • African Walnut – Very flexible and long-lasting wood species and that is why it is mostly used for furniture manufacturing.
  • American Black Walnut – Once again, a solid and durable type of wood used for making furniture.
  • Bamboo Wood – Bamboo is a type of fast-growing grass. However, bamboo wood is very flexible and also very durable and solid, it is often used for manufacturing flooring materials and it is also an eco-friendly option since bamboo can be harvested every 3 years.
  • Beech Wood – This is one extremely durable wood type that makes hard-wearing and long-lasting floors and is often preferred for busy traffic areas.
  • Cumaru Wood – Cumaru comes from South Africa and it is used for manufacturing very durable and solid floors that are also often preferred for commercial buildings for their long-lasting power.
  • Ipe Wood – This type of wood is used for the making of Ipe decking and it is extremely tight and durable.
  • Mahogany Wood – This type of wood origins from Brazil and it comes in a unique reddish-brown shade that is favoured by many. Mahogany is often an association for luxury and expensive wood flooring type.
  • Oak – Oak is among the most popular wood flooring materials. There are two types of oak – red and white and although they differ by colour, both oak types are very durable and hard-wearing, used for both domestic and commercial projects.
  • Teak Wood – Teak wood is used for material for teak decking. That type of wood is very beautiful because of its golden shade and darker lines.
  • Wenge Wood – Wenge wood has its characteristic and specific figure and strong partridge pattern. It is used for both manufacturing furniture pieces and floors and it is heavy, durable, strong and very long-lasting.

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