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Oak vs Walnut – The wood flooring talk

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The wood flooring talk - oak vs walnut | Parquet Floor Fitters

Real wood floors can be made out of many different wood species. Solid wood, engineered wood and parquetry come in different colours grades, textures and grains and the overall look depend not only on the way the material is manufactured and finished but also on the wood species used. The current trends are, in general, keeping the initial look and texture of the wood as original as possible for the natural and organic look and beauty.

For years the most popular wood species used for the manufacture of real wood floors and especially very popular for parquet floors are oak and walnut, Their simple beauty and elegance come in perfect match with the complex patterns and designs of the parquetry arrangement, creating a tranquil but an eye-catching look without being too engaging and busy. Oak and walnut are also preferred for their hard-wearing and solid structure and other benefits we are about the have a look at today.

Oak wood

Oak wood is, hands down, the most popular option for wooden flooring of all kinds and in all shapes. It is appropriate to call oak the golden classic and you can find it in natural appearance or refinish and stained in many domestic and commercial premises. Oak is very beautiful and we are not surprised there are so many fans of it is honey or caramel hues and simple and unobtrusive delicate appearance. The golden shades of oak create that cosiness and warmth many people are looking after. Oak is also easy to be decorated and matched with different furniture pieces, art, designs and styles but looks the best like a backdrop of a traditional European style. Because of the casual look, oak won’t make space appear smaller and not spacious.

Comparing to walnut, oak is softer and often cheaper. The two main types of oak are white and red, which are not very different in structure and stability but differ slightly in shades. Red oak has a more salmon-shaded heart with natural designs of knots and swirls. White oak is lighter in shade. If you are not a fan of the genuine look and are after more one-of-a-kind and unique look, oak floors are available unfinished, which means you can choose your own finishing effect and colour. Unfinished floors are first installed and then sanded and refinished.

Walnut wood

Walnut floors come in natural darker and richer shades of brown, which look very stylish and elegant and compliment any space and style. Walnut is the preferred choice for domestic and commercial premises because it is simple and elegant. The colours of the planks usually vary from plank to plank and this gives the unique look, which cannot be imitated by a manufactured product, so if you would like a really unique and genuine walnut floor, go for a real one. In addition, walnut original patterns look very beautiful arranged in the patterns of parquetry. No matter if you choose oak or walnut, both wood species will bring a unique beauty to space, just make sure you keep the floors in good condition and you will enjoy them for long.

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