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How to protect your wooden floor from a rolling chair

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How to prevent a rolling chair destroy your wooden floor | Parquet Floor Fitters

Of course wood flooring is the best choice for the office and any other workplace! Wood flooring is sophisticated and looks very professional, it shows that you have attention to details and you understand classic and effortless beauty and appearance, it is also hard-wearing, long-lasting and easy to maintain, which make it the perfect option for high traffic and heavy footfall areas. However, installing a wooden floor at your office, you may have the concern that the rolling office chair is going to destroy its look and condition in a short notice, leaving ugly scratches and dents and chipping the finish layer off. This is a legitimate concern, for sure, but it doesn’t mean that things are going to happen this way exactly. Of course, if you make sure to follow our advice and recommendations, we can provide you with amazing prevention from scratches left by the rolling office chair.

Indeed, rolling office chairs are going to leave some marks and scratches on your hardwood floor overtime. Of course, unless you take proactive steps in an effort to prevent that and make sure this issue is not occurring. Moving back and forth and moving all around, all the movement of the rolling office chair is going to with no doubt leave scuff marks that are number one issue that occur quicker wear and tear. However, you can prevent that issue successfully and it is not rocket science, neither very expensive solution. Be sure to follow our advice and prevent shredding your hardwood floor from the rolling office chair!

First off, be sure to check your chair’s casters or wheels and see if they are hard, or they are not. Most of the rolling office chairs come with hard chair casters that are made from hard plastic or hard nylon. In order to reduce the scratches and marks they will leave of the hardwood surface, be sure to simply replace them with softer alternatives that can be either rubber, urethane, neoprene options. If you are not sure how to replace the casters, it is not that hard at all, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you will have new chair casters in a few minutes. You can also try to place a layer of duct tape around the caster’s circumference and this for sure will reduce the impact of the hard material to the floor. As easy as that really!

Another protective measurement you can consider is placing a chair mat under your rolling office chair. This will keep the wheels on the mat and prevent them leaving marks and scratches on the hardwood floor’s surface. If you find yourself moving your chair around often, then consider purchasing a larger area rug and place it under the chair, so you can protect wider areas from scratching. Rugs and woven materials are recommended. Do not use plastic mats of any sort, because when tiny pieces of debris and dirt get stuck between your floor and the plastic, they will damage the surface and leave scratches and marks too.

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