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What is the procedure for re-oiling of your wooden flooring

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Re-oiling your wooden floor - the complete procedure | Parquet Floor Fitters

After you have installed wooden flooring in a certain room, you know that it is a very expensive investment and that is why you would want it to look as beautiful as possible for a longer period of time. The key to its good look is regular cleaning. Also the maintenance, no matter if you are doing this on your own, or you are using the services of a professional flooring company, will do wonders. But together with this, you will need to re-oil it from time to time, in order to preserve its upper layer from dents and scratches.

The oil that you will apply on your flooring will prolong its life and will make it beautiful and shiny again. And more resistant. If you use oil on it, it will not be so vulnerable to the appearance of scratches. You may also use the oil for concealing the present marks your flooring has. The condition of the flooring will also be much better with the re-oiling procedure. It will have a fresh look and will be shiny and beautiful.

There is not a fixed period, after which you have to apply oil to your flooring. But if the room is the one that is most used in your home, then you have to be prepared to do this quite often. If there is no such intensive traffic, then the period, on which you should apply a finish, is around one year. For the least usable rooms in your home, you can use a period of 24 months.

Before you proceed with the re-oiling, you should take some things in mind. The room has to be totally empty - in this way, the application of the oil on the flooring will be much easier. So take all the pieces of furniture out of the room in advance. You should also remove the carpet, rug, the curtains, as the oil can have an odour and you will have to have your curtains washed after the whole procedure. Then you have to remove the furniture try to lift it, and not drag it around the room. In this way, you will be able to protect the floor from scratches.

Having your furniture out of the room and everything prepared, you have to clean your floor, either with a vacuum cleaner or with a mop. You should use a detergent that is intended for wooden surfaces. After you have cleaned the flooring, it has to be totally dry, before you proceed with the oiling. After your floor is dried, you need to have it sanded with sandpaper that is around 150 grit. This will prepare it for the application of the oil. Be careful to vacuum the dust from the gaps in the flooring, in order to remove it and not to leave it on your floor.

After you apply the oil, it has to be left for drying for at least 12 hours. After that, you can proceed with the buffing.

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