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What to keep in mind about wood floor sanding

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Important things to remember about wood floor sanding | Parquet Floor Fitters

Wood floor sanding is one of the most popular home improvement services we can think of. With its popularity more and more people begin to go pro because of the amount of information provided online and offline. It is right that in theory many clients that have experienced the service delivered by professional to them and even those people that haven’t experienced the sanding treatment yet but show some interest and attention to the topic, probably know as much as the experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We believe that this is a good thing, no matter if you are a DIY enthusiast and plan to attempt wood floor sanding by yourself, when you are going to need all the knowledge in the world, or simply curious about the advantages and benefits of such a service that you will experience after the professionals do their magic.

However, with so much content on the topic, it gets harder and harder for us the professionals to think of important things about wood floor sanding that haven’t been mentioned yet, but definitely are essential for you to know about and understand. Today we came up with a few more aspects of the sanding treatment we have not discussed yet, so here are a few more important things about wood floor sanding you would like to be aware of and keep in mind.

You do not need to wait until your floor is worn

Most importantly, it is important if the finish of your floor is worn already. The worn, dull and old finish is a sign of some issues that can be expected because it usually exposures the bare wood underneath that can be scratched and scuffed.

Sanding is not that stressful

You may have heard a lot of stories about how overwhelming and stressful the wood floor sanding process is, but this is not quite the truth. First of all, you need to find a reliable and experienced professional. Secondly, if your contractor is offering advanced performance, he or she are probably going to work with innovative equipment that collects the majority of the dust and do not leave you with piles of dirt and dust all around the house.

Water-based finishes are good

Many people tend to think that water-based finishes aren’t that good, durable and hard-wearing as oil-based finishes, but this is, again, not quite the truth. In fact, there is very little difference in both types and in numerous cases, the water-based finishes even hold up better than the oil-based ones. One more advantage of the water-based finish is that it is odourless and practically no harmful at all.

Go Pro

We understand that you may be a very handy person and really enthusiastic about DIY projects, but wood floor sanding is one of those things that are better left to the professionals. After all, expert sanders have experience, knowledge, skills and the best equipment and products that are required for perfect results.

Cleaning remains important

Even after the sanding process, when your floor looks amazing and like brand new, a good and regular cleaning routine remains important for maintaining this effect and the good condition of your wooden floor.

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