There are so many different types, groups, tones and colors you can choose from, when it comes to customising the look of your parquet flooring. With time manufacturers and designers get more and more creative and it is a current trend to be bolder and more inspired, when choosing to transform your existing parquet flooring with the help of colors and undertones. In fact, it is all up to you, your personal taste and the needs of your project and because of that it is called customising – you can set your imagination free and be as creative as much you feel comfortable with your choice. Although following current trends is the best way to stay on the top of the fashion and interior design, this is not the only way to enjoy an extremely beautiful and unique floor. Because most of the trends simply doesn’t work for anyone. Dark-colored wooden floors, for example, is a current, but a bit of controversial trend. While darker floors gain more and more popularity for the last couple of years, they are still not everyone’s cup of tea and it is not a mandatory to be right up in your alley. Combining dark colors with the already super attractive and interesting patterns of parquetry makes this trend even more dramatic than ever. So, if you are a fan of such wood flooring style, or you are simply interested into this trend, here are our ideas about why and when to choose dark colors over any other color available for parquetry.

Although light and medium brown colors as well as reds and golden shades are considered to be the ultimate provider of warmth, coziness and comfort to any space, they are not the only option. Darker colors can play the same role as the above mentioned shades and turn the room into a cozy and warm space. Simply be sure to choose darker brown colors, or dark colors with warm undertones in general.

As regards, most of the naturally darker wood floors are made out of walnut, which is one of the greatest wood species out there. Walnut floors are very popular for both domestic and commercial setups because of their stability and long-lasting power.

An ideal space for fitting darker wood floors is a room with a lot of sun, a bright and airy one. Because of the fact that dark colors can make the space appear smaller, boxier and a bit overwhelming, a lot of natural light will balance the scene and give the chance to the dark wood to do its trick and add luxury, a bit of drama and a lot, a lot of beauty to the room. Sunlight will make the darker panels fully vivid and attractive and highlight their rich beauty.

However, if it comes to a really small room, better stay away from such dark colors. If you still want to experiment with the dark beauty look, then be sure to choose a simpler parquet pattern, otherwise you risk to make the whole space too overwhelming and engaging with all those complex patterns, shapes, forms, colors and undertones. Dark colors bring the feel of both simplicity and attraction, so you can play around and achieve some unique appearance.