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Specialist School Parquet Floor Fitting in London

Affordable school parquet floor fitting in London | Parquet Floor Fitters

Most of the school buildings in London area come with parquetry floors that date from the years of the first residents of the building years ago. Other school building architects are in front of the question of what type of flooring to choose for the project. No matter if you are in the middle of remodelling and renovation or building, let us introduce you Parquet Floor Fitters’s school parquet floor fitting department in London, which offer amazing installation alternatives, a great selection of quality materials and products and a lot of experience, knowledge and skills.

Parquetry is an amazing option for the school building and rooms. Although parquetry tends to be an unpopular choice because of the higher price and the fame it is hard to sand and refinish, this type of installation and the wooden blocks used to come with the solidness, durability and long life of the real wood product when made from solid wood timber or the manufactured wood product when cutting from engineered wood planks. Just remember the most popular parquetry installations in the world – the floors from the NBA league. If it is possible to exist high traffic resistant and hard-wearing installations as the NBA ones, we definitely are able to provide the same solid and sturdy base for the school rooms and sports halls. And we will do that if you contact us on 020 70360624 or!

Parquet floors come with a lot more benefits and the job of our school parquet floor fitting department team is to incorporate all of them and provide the best result for your project. Even more than that, our technicians have a special system, dedicated to busy schedule clients. We recognise the needs of the school project and keep in mind the limited time and budget we have to work with. That is the reason we can offer our services even during the summer school holiday in order to skip interrupting the working process. Otherwise, our experts are well-trained, organised and disciplined and are able to offer completely hassle-free and timely performance. Although we are working with limited time, we won’t rush out any important stage of the process, because where there are children and young people, the highest standards should be followed. We are motivated to provide the best results and besides the visual part, since parquet floor fitting is really impressive and unique, most important we will create easy to maintenance, durable, long-lasting and quality installation.

Our experts are trained to provide the best school parquet floor fitting service in London, following new key stages and adding individual approach depending on the demands of every project. Besides the additional services possibly required, we will meet you and discuss the best battle plan for free (check out our special offers section) and the start to preparing the subfloor, testing the moisture level, levelling and cleaning it. When we are done, it is essential to take the proper measurements of the room, especially when working with bigger areas, and cutting the wooden blocks with the right proportions. Then we will add high quality and safe wood adhesive and place every block to the subfloor, creating a beautiful pattern. We also can provide moisture barrier underlayment if the project requires one. Contact us for more information!

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