Parquetry is an amazing choice for commercial buildings. Firstly, it brings visual enjoyment and it is really exciting, vibrant and eye-catching, it looks stylish and elegant no matter the pattern and overall, it can work perfectly for your fame and a good name in your branch. Do you wonder how? Well, you know the importance of the first impression and how hard it is to be changed afterwards, you know also people, clients and customers create their first impression based on the visual information they get by meeting you.

Well, the professionally-looking, sleek and well-installed parquetry can be a powerful message, because this type of wood flooring is always associated with quality, professionalism and luxury. Not a bad message to your clients, right? You also can’t neglect the fact that parquetry, made from hardwood or engineered wood materials cut in small blocks is durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance installation. Practically the list of the benefits is long and it can only one flaw – its installation is a pretty precise, detailed and laborious job, requiring time, professional and experienced service and extra cash. We can offer professional and experienced office parquet floor fitting service in London and what is even better – we can do that for you at a wonderful price and in a timely manner!

In fact, parquet floor fitting is not that an easy job and requires skills, experience and that inner creativity and acumen not every expert own. When starting a project the best thing you can do is researching the company you hire in order to be sure of the final results. Being a busy schedule person, we guess you don’t plan to spend too much time remodelling unsuccessful installation projects. What Parquet Floor Fitters experts can offer to you is a lot of accumulated experience and knowledge during the years we dedicate to improving our approach to installation methodology in London and our organisation and training. We have selected and designed special office parquet floor fitting techniques, which can not only adapt to the individual demands of the project but also guarantee perfect results in no time and for a wonderful cost.

Parquet floor fitting requires attention to details, the blocks material is not cheap at all and there is no place for fails when cutting and measuring. In addition, office parquet floor fitting is even harder because of the limited time and sometimes budget. You can contact our customer service and ask for our free site visit special offer and our experts will meet you inconvenient for you time to inspect the room where the installation is planned and to discuss with you the proper material needed and the best strategy in general.

After that, the technicians will prepare the room for the upcoming project. Preparing the subfloor is essential especially if we work with concrete and we won’t skip the moisture, cleanness and evenness test to ensure the best possible outcome. For some projects, there are additional challenges to consider such as underfloor heating, underlayment needed, pipes, cables, the dimensions of the room. Don’t worry, our crew can react adequately to any challenge popping out and find the best solution for your office parquet floor fitting case, respecting the limited time you have and providing excellent, disciplined and well-organised performance.